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    For individuals aged 18 or older, including those with expired licenses of over two years, enrolling in an adult driver's education course is imperative to obtain a permit.

    This intensive 6-hour course covers essential topics such as traffic laws, defensive driving, hazard awareness, alcohol and drug awareness, distracted driving prevention, vehicle maintenance basics, and road test preparation. Concluding with the permit test, successful completion results in the issuance of an ADE 1317 (Adult Driver's Ed Certificate). 

    While this certificate is provided at the end of the course, it's essential to understand that it does not function as an official permit.

    To acquire their permit, students must present the certificate at the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

    Course breakdown:

    • Introduction and Orientation:

      • Provides an overview of the curriculum and course structure
      • Familiarizes students with objectives and expectations
    • Traffic Laws and Regulations:

      • Covers fundamental rules of the road
      • Includes traffic signs, signals, and right-of-way rules
      • Explores specific laws relevant to the state or region
    • Defensive Driving Techniques:

      • Focuses on crucial strategies for staying safe on the road
      • Teaches maintaining safe following distances and hazard scanning
      • Provides strategies for avoiding accidents
    • Hazard Awareness and Risk Management:

      • Identifies potential road hazards
      • Teaches effective response techniques
      • Topics include recognizing aggressive drivers, navigating adverse weather conditions, and handling road construction zones
    • Alcohol and Drug Awareness:

      • Educates on the dangers of impaired driving
      • Covers legal consequences and prevention strategies
    • Distracted Driving Prevention:

      • Addresses the dangers of distracted driving
      • Provides strategies for staying focused behind the wheel
    • Vehicle Maintenance Basics:

      • Covers essential vehicle maintenance tasks
      • Includes checking tire pressure, monitoring fluid levels, and performing routine inspections
    • Road Test Preparation:

      • Offers guidance for the written portion of the driver's license exam
      • Provides practical tips for passing the road test
    • Additional Topics:

      • Human Trafficking Awareness
      • Driving with Disabilities Considerations
    Example of an ADE 

Adult 6-Hour Driver Ed Course


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Drivers who complete an adult drivers education course will develop a thorough understanding of Texas' traffic laws that will help them stay safe behind the wheel.