The Road Skills Test will be conducted by a state-certified examiner at Sweet Chariot Driving School.

The test will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

 We do take walk-in road test. Must have a valid permit. 

This is not considered a permit ( Completing the 6-hour adult course doesn't automatically grant you a permit. It indicates that you've successfully finished the course, but you still need to fulfill other requirements to obtain your permit.) To receive a permit, you need to present your adult driver's education certificate along with your social security card, birth certificate, and two utility bills as part of the application process. These documents are typically required by the relevant authorities to verify your identity and eligibility for the permit. (We do not issue permits at the driving school, you book an appointment with DPS

Adult Drivers ed  certificate


A paper permit holds the same legal validity as a physical card. It grants you the authority to engage in permitted activities as specified, despite its format being in paper form.

Yup, a paper permit is all it takes! Let's hit the road for some driving magic! 🚗😄



Watching the Impact is required prior to taking the drivers test. (They expire after 90 days.)This Impact example is for adults 


This impact is what the teens impact should look like.

teen impact

Teens must bring their DE-964 and it should look like this. You would get this certificate from your drivers ed provider.  (The top of the Certificate must say FOR DRIVERS LICENSE ONLY)

Drivers ed certificate teen




  • Road Test

    Sweet Chariot Driving school is an approved third-party skills testing (TPST). We can administer the Road Test to anyone who has met the state requirements and is ready to get their Texas driver's license! For more information, call 682-563-4063. 

    Your vehicle must meet the Department of Public Safety requirements. 

    Bring hard copies of all your documents and a vehicle you are comfortable driving in.

    Road tests are non-refundable.

    All applicants under 18 years of age must have held their permit for at least six months prior to scheduling the Road Test.