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  • Teen Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel

     Teen Driver Education + Behind-the-Wheel Lessons action, exclusively for ages 15-17. 

    We're committed to offering a modern and effective learning experience for young drivers.

    Our program combines comprehensive lessons with interactive sessions among students. Through group discussions activities and independent study, students engage actively with the material, promoting better understanding and retention of key concepts.

    We also incorporate simulations into our lessons, providing students with a practical way to apply what they've learned in a safe environment. These simulations help build confidence and prepare students for real-world driving scenarios.

     * A downpayment of $175 will reserve your spot.  

    Please be aware that the calendar listed on our website is the current class schedule. To access the drive time schedule, kindly log in to the student portal. 

     Here's an overview of what such a course will cover:

    Traffic Laws and Rules of the Road

       - Understanding state and local traffic laws.

       - Road signs, signals, and pavement markings.

       - Right-of-way rules.

     Vehicle Operation and Control

       - Basic vehicle controls such as steering, accelerating, and braking.

       - Turning, lane changes, and parking.

       - Use of mirrors and checking blind spots.

     Safe Driving Practices

       - Defensive driving techniques.

       - Managing space and speed.

       - Techniques for driving in adverse weather conditions.

     The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs

       - Impact of alcohol and drugs on driving abilities.

       - Legal consequences of impaired driving.

       - Understanding Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC).

     Handling Emergencies

       - Procedures for vehicle breakdowns.

       - Steps to take in case of an accident.

       - Basic first aid and emergency response.

     Driver Responsibilities

       - Importance of seat belts and child restraints.

       - Insurance requirements and liability.

       - The impact of driver behavior on public safety.

     Driving with Disabilities

       - Understanding the challenges faced by drivers with disabilities.

       - Adaptive equipment and modifications for vehicles.

       - Laws and resources supporting drivers with disabilities.

     Human Trafficking Awareness

       - Recognizing signs of human trafficking.

       - How to report suspicious activities.

       - Understanding the role of drivers in preventing human trafficking.

     Permit Test is included with this course. What the permit test will cover:

    1. Traffic laws: This includes laws related to speed limits, right-of-way, signaling, passing, and other rules of the road.
    2. Road signs: You'll be tested on your ability to recognize and understand the meanings of various road signs, including regulatory signs, warning signs, and informational signs.
    3. Safe driving practices: This may include questions about defensive driving techniques, how to handle adverse weather conditions, and other strategies for staying safe on the road.

    Take a Sneak Peek Inside Our Classroom!

    Simulator included with classroom instruction.  




     Drunk Googgles 


    Officers talking to students.


    hands on activities


  • 7 Teen Hours Behind-the-Wheel

    This option is for students who have already started a teen course and received their Texas Learner's Permit from the DPS. 

    Attention parent-taught students, if you're ready to join Sweet Chariot Driving School we are here to rock your wheels! But wait, don't forget to send a secret message to your online class provider - tell them, "Hey, I'm ditching my old crew for Sweet Chariot, the coolest driving school in town!

    Didn't do parent-taught but went to a different driving school? Don't worry, we welcome all transfer students with open arms and steering wheels! Just notify your old driving school that you're transferring to Sweet Chariot Driving School.

    Put in that sweet transfer, and we will see you soon!  Beep beep, here we come! 

    To view the drive time schedule, please log in to the student portal. Please note that the schedule posted on the website pertains to the permit class, not the drive time schedule.

    Checkout our fleet of Ford Fiesta cars. Equipped with an instructor brake, this vehicle offers an invaluable tool for instructors to ensure the safety and confidence of learner drivers.
    With a dual-brake system allowing immediate intervention when needed, instructors can provide guidance and support with ease.
    Our Ford Fiesta  prioritizes safety and peace of mind, making it the ideal choice for learner drivers embarking on their journey behind the wheel.

    Ready to put your driving skills to the test? Before you head our way, let's ensure you've got all the necessary documents in tow:

    1. You've held your permit for a solid six months and are at least 16 years old.
    2. Don't forget your completion certificate for driver's ed (DE-964), typically green and explicitly stating "for driver's license only" at the top.
    3. Your 30-hour log, documenting your journey towards mastery on the road.
    4. Make sure you've watched the two-hour Impact video.
    5. Bring along your VOE (Verification of Enrollment) either with you on the day of your road test or have it ready when you turn in your envelope at the DPS.


Teen 32-Hour Driver Ed Course


Jul 15 - 25
4:00 pm
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Jul 22 - 26
10:00 am
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Aug 5 - 9
10:00 am
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